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Super Bowl: 10 Rappers I Want To Smoke With

Super Bowl: 10 Rappers I Want To Smoke With

I hate top 10 lists! No shit, I hate them and in true Travis fashion, I offer you this top ten list; Super Bowl: 10 rappers I want to smoke a bowl with. This is a great time to be a marijuana enthusiast. States are falling like dominos and Mary Jane is winning. 10 years! 10 years! Mark my words, marijuana will be legal for recreational use in every state. Asterisk next to states that just took down the confederate flag last week.

So this is not a list about rap. It’s about rappers. Long story, short; if you are nice, that’s great, but if you are interesting or there is some truth I think only the buddah will provide, I want to smoke with you. This list has some rules. No dead rappers (sorry Big L). No rap groups (sorry Odd Future). You can’t pick to smoke with ’94 Nas or ’88 Kane, you have to take 2015 Nas, which is not bad, and crazy 2015 Kanye Kardashian. By the way, the person doesn’t necessary have to be a rapper per se, but they must have some presence, even if it is controversial or minor, in hip hop.

Mind you, I make some assumptions about the truth serum capabilities of marijuana. So keep that in mind, please.

So let’s begin:

10. Action Bronson
Frankly, I am not familiar with his music and his beef with Ghost forced me to find my way to some links of his music. Not bad. Not my thing, but dude is nice but if dude is coming at Ghost, then whatever he is smoking is better than the shit I am smoking, so I need to try that shit.

9. Ghostface Killah
Legend. Hero. God. Supreme Clientele, top five albums ever! So obvious, who wouldn’t smoke with Ghost, right!? Here is the plan, smoke, hit record on the I phone and pray that Action Bronson told me some stupid shit I can tell Ghost and then bless the world with a great rant about burning beards and gutting pigs.

8. Diddy
I figure maybe if I got Diddy high he would tell me what happened with that damn cattle bell.

7. Hit Man
If you were a teenager in the 90s and you smoked green, you listed to 2001, and if you listened to Dr. Dre’s 2001, you had to appreciate Hit Man and how he MADE THAT ALBUM WORK! I got to know what the hell happened. Dude was the nicest in 1999. Plus it would be cool to smoke with Hit Man while listening to Ackrite.

6. Dame Dash
I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but he would probably say men don’t smoke with other men.

5. G. Dep
I think we can all agree the brother could probably really use a bowl right now.

4. Nas
It would be epic to chief with Nas on the park bench he referenced in One Love.

3. DJ Premier
Maybe if preem got high enough he would play some exclusives and shit the world would never otherwise hear.

2. Snoop
Fascinating guy. Once know for a murder case and banging with the goon that is Suge Knight, has fully been accepted by the mainstream. And I need to say this, The Last Meal is Snoop’s best work and its not even close. That record got me through senior year. Maybe he has some extra, unaired Doggy Fizzle skits laying around the crib somewhere.

1. Redman
Hip hop’s greatest stoner of all time! If there was a cannabis hall of fame, this dude would be in the inaugural class. Soopaman Lova, I’ll be Dat, and, every verse on Dare Iz A Darkside and Muddy Waters was major. Easily, the most slept on rapper ever.

I hate smoking with people that can’t appreciate there high. You know the type. As soon as the joint starts kicking in, you hear about every fucking late bill, baby mama voice mail, and just random shit that can kill a buzz like murder. Not Red!

Puff, Puff, pass; who are you smoking with?!

Travis A. Williams, Esquire

* Travis Williams is a lawyer, emcee, and freelance journalist for HiPNOTT.