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NBA Free Agency Rap Up

NBA Free Agency Rap Up

Every sports movie, even Rocky, has a soundtrack that takes itself way too serious and I would imagine that if Adam Silver was to score this summer’s free agency period, we would hear a ridiculous amount of trumpets and drums that only speaks to how much exaggerated NBA drama dominated the sports world for about two weeks. But I must admit that this free agency period has been musical.

Take my Miami Heat for example, is 1994’s illmatic. The franchise is beautiful much like illmatic. You may even say they are a beautiful portrait of a franchise, similar to illmatic for hip hop. Pat Riley is Preemo. He created an incredible landscape for his nas’ to create perfection. When Pat Riley came to South Florida my Heat were just a franchise. They had players and they were playing and Glenn Rice maybe the purest most underrated shooter of all-time but it was like listening to Nastradamus which was like listening to Shakespear set to the rhymthm of a group of buck drummers.

Riley brought that DJ Premier shit to the table. Zo, Tim, Marjle, P.J. Brown, and a cast of gritty veterans that stopped the Bulls from hitting 70 wins that one year. That was the best Heat team of all-time by the way.

And this summer that tried to re-create illmatic. Riley constructed the perfect team and instead of being like Nas, who created the perfect album, and then experimented until he found a new voice, Riley keeps trying to make 1994s illmatic in 2015. But we keep trusting.

Sure, we kept Wade and signed Dragic (a signing I disagree with) and Bosh will hopefully be healthy and holy shit Justus Winslow fell to 10 and will be in the 305 next year but really?! We don’t have ANY shooters, ANY ball handling wings, or guys on team friendly contracts that out perform based on expectations. Whiteside is the truth, but you got to pay him NEXT year.

Illmatic is illmatic and those mid 90s Heat squads should have won a title or two but those god damn Knicks and then Jordan took off the 45 but illmatic didn’t sell, it didn’t get a plague. It is legend but if it were released today a couple hipster bloggers would dig it but A$AP it aint..

Even Nas said “they thought I’d make another illmatic…[but] forever forward moving, never backwards.”

But at least we ain’t Philly.

Let me go ahead and say it, I don’t trust the process. Winning is a bit of an accident but losing is a habit harder to shake than heroin, and the sixers are strung out! They are living out the lyrics of Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover.” If there is a cure for this losing shit, they don’t want it.

The sixers wont help themselves. Just in case Hinkie is interested, I am available and I will play for the minimum. They say play 8 but trust 5 and that is true but the numbers 8 and 5 refer to the number of NBA players you play and trust. Unfortunately they don’t have any.

The Lakers are trash too. The Lakers are that guy that was the man in high school and goes to the reunion wearing the same letterman’s jacket they wore at 17 that now fits like a wet suit.

They are at an interesting point. The Stakes is High. They are the classic hip hop record, Stakes is High. Sports fans expect entertainment at the highest level from the Lakers organization. Winning has entertainment value. Losing has entertainment value. The entertainment value in losing comes from epic losing not just losing. They have a roster that will lose and they did shit to change that. If you are going to lose then let Swaggy P shoot 35 shots a game. If you are going to lose, let Kobe play with a trigger that allows him to electrically shock players and rowdy fans.

If you are going to lose, lose big; at least that is entertaining. Remember L.A., Stakes is High.

And poor, poor Deandre. I know that feeling; taking a job and then getting there and being like fuck that job! I get it bro, I would have made the same decision. The Clips made some moves but their free agency work sounds like Biggie’s One More Chance and that is about what they got left.

Then there are the Mavs. This hurts because I love Dallas but not Mark Cuban. Nevertheless, the women in Dallas are the shit and for that I mourn but then sound like Moment of Truth. Get tight or rebuild your choice, Mr. Cuban.

The rest of the league is listening to Chief Keef or some shit because I just don’t understand.

Travis A. Williams, Esquire

* Travis Williams is a lawyer, emcee, and freelance journalist for HiPNOTT.