The Regiment

The Regiment

Modern day hip hop has many faces which represent it. The face of pop culture, the face of social acceptance and even the face of change which has allowed new forms of expression. Today, in a world of masked messiahs who perpetuate materialism, OSI and IseQold of the Regiment are on a mission to unmask the culture of rap music as we know it with a powerful gospel message.

OSI and IseQold define The Regiment as “a number of people fighting for a common cause.” When the cause is something as vast as Hip Hop there are no individuals that can get the job done alone. OSI and IseQold now lead The Regiment and legions of music lovers wanting quality work are willing to join the battle.

Taking elements from the legendary 90’s era of Hip Hop music, The Regiment spreads the good news without apology to a world in need of positivity. Using a mixture of the thought provoking and painfully truthful lyrics supported by nostalgic production, The Regiment’s gospel message feels like classic Hip Hop Music.