P.SO The Earth Tone King

P.SO The Earth Tone King

It’s the end of the world, and P.SO can’t seem to look away from his iPad.

While a relentless, flesh-craving horde of undead zombies would have the average person In a state of terror, or at the very least attentive, P.SO instead sits idly by. Seemingly oblivious to the swarm of drooling, soulless ghouls feverishly congregating outside of his window, he seems content with casually perusing the web for the latest movie and gadget news while simultaneously playing a pirated video game on his smart phone.

Growing up in the snowy confines of Buffalo, NY, P.SO has had plenty of time to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Spending a great deal of his youth reading comic books and watching Saturday morning cartoons, P.SO always knew that one day these supernatural tales most people wrote off as fantasy would one day become reality. In addition to his iPad, Kindle (loaded with hundreds of novels of course), XBOX, Nintendo Wii, PC, half a dozen boxes of comics, P.SO has managed to stash and enough food, water, plant seed, first aid and weapons to keep him alive for quite some time.

Taking a long sip from a tin can filled with cheap drugstore wine recovered from his stockpile, P.SO reminisces about the world around him, before everything went to Hell. Branding himself a HipHop artist and “culture enthusiast” , P remembers the late nights he spent rhyming in crowded clubs in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Another sip. More memories flash through his mind like a dusty projector in a smoke filled room, he recalls the long days he endured while engaged to a MacBook experimenting with his favorite beat program or scribbling down newly inspired songs. Releasing a hand-full of critically praised digital projects as well as a full length on New York’s indie HipHop mainstay High Water Music, the accurately dubbed “Earth Tone King” was not satisfied with what successes he had obtained, P.SO was always thinking about the future.

Burying himself in the studio with the fervor of someone suffering from Cold War paranoia, P had two missions:

1.Prepare for the upcoming Armageddon (whether it were to be Biological, Political, Religious, or…Zombie)

2.Create a project that encompassed music, graphic novels and film, a project that would endure, even if humanity didn’t.

He began to work on the Gateway to Greatness, both an album and a graphic novel of the same name, Gateway promised to be the defining moment in his career. Musically, the album was rooted in the essentials of early 90′s “boom-bap” Hip-Hop while courageously experimenting with other genres like Jazz, Soul and Indie Rock. P.SO meticulously selected the producers and features and served as musical supervisor on the entire project as well as contributing some key production himself. Content with the musical portion of his endeavor, P began to work on a Graphic Novel that would serve as the visual component of his apocalyptic masterpiece. Partnering with the very gifted illustrator Anwar Morse, the two crafted a 45 page digital comic book. The idea was to create something that would compliment the message and emotion of the music while still being accessible to an audience unfamiliar with the comic book medium.


A large sound reminiscent of a dying tree branch falling rattles from outside of P.SO’s self made haven. P built a series of wooden fences to keep the undead out, but his makeshift fortress must be slowly giving way to the army of groaning savages ravenously storming it’s walls. The EarthTone King finishes off his drug store Merlot, the metallic flavor of the tin can swishes in his mouth along with the bitterness of cheap alcohol. He walks over to the window and surveys the courtyard. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of zombies outside the fences, P takes a deep breath. He has one last mission: to deliver the Gateway to Greatness to “the Reservation.” The Reservation was a walled off Zombie-free community that promised to be the last stand for humanities survival. There, they still managed to broadcast a 24 hour pirate radio station as well as maintain a website for anyone who could manage to tune in. There, P.SO’s music and art would survive.

With a hopeful heart, a sawed-off shotgun, and mankind’s last Hip-Hop album in his backpack, P.SO steps into the courtyard.