Ilyas started his career in music as 1/3rd of the group, Tanya Morgan. After releasing several successful projects and receiving cosigns from ?uestlove, Bobbito Garcia, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, XXL, and others, Ilyas was forced to take a hiatus and leave the group.

During his hiatus he honed his skills in the visual arts, primarily in film and video. He also started creating his own unique blend of EDM, Rock, and Hip Hop under the alter ego “iEL”.

Now he returns with the signature “true school sound” people have known and loved from him as 1/3rd of Tanya Morgan backed by his producer, Quintessence James. They’ve joined forces to create a 2 part audio-visual experience titled “Transformation”. Not only will people get the lyrics they love from Ilyas, but also they’ll be introduced to him as a video editor. In addition, they’ll hear the genius of Quintessence James for the first time.

This project is titled “Transformation” because afterwards, Ilyas has every intention of introducing the world to “iEL” and this is just the opening act.