100dBs & Ryan-O'Neil

100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil: Makin’ Moves

100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil: Makin’ Moves

Today is the official release of Tea & Spliffs, the sophomore album from 100dBs and Ryan-O’Neil. To celebrate the release, the duo are unleashing the song “Makin’ Moves” for free download.

Tea & Spliffs is available now on iTunes and all other digital retailers. Compact Discs can be purchased via UGHHFat BeatsAmazon and various other online retail chains (Tower RecordsF.Y.E., etc).

Stream the full album now on Bandcamp!


In the summer of 2007, producer 100dBs and emcee Ryan-O’Neil came together to create one of the dopest Hip-Hop albums in recent years, The Adventures of the One Hand Bandit & the Slum Computer Wizard. Fast forward 5 years later and the duo are destined to repeat greatness with their sophomore album Tea & Spliffs.

Keeping with the same Hip-Hop formula of dope lyrics over sample-heavy Boom Bap production, Tea & Spliffs picks right up where the last album left off. Songs such as the lead single “Wait A Minute”, the Curtis Mayfield-sampled anthem “Power For The People”, and the fun and peppy track “Makin’ Moves” prove that 100dBs &Ryan-O’Neil’s chemistry hasn’t skipped a beat.